Pedro Hermosilla Molero

Born in Belmontejo (Cuenca) in 1949, Mr. Pedro Hermosilla Molero has a long history in international business.

In 1980 he founded AGEM – a company that was primarily dedicated to the supply of laboratory materials nationwide.

Over the years, AGEM activities have expanded to other sectors. The needs of the clients were always the main reference for the direction of the development of the company. This is the origin of the motto “solutions tailored to your needs” that is currently used in all AGEM printed and digital materials.

AGEM Group carried out 200+ projects, including hospital construction, blood banks, medicine supplies, medical equipment, food, etc. These projects include those of a humanitarian nature aimed at improving people’s lives and carried out in the most remote places in the world.

Grupo AGEM, led by Mr. Pedro Hermosilla, opened new markets in Africa, South America and Asia. In the AGEM Group client portfolio there are private and public entities of the first level.

The rapid expansion and the large number of projects carried out successfully, made the AGEM brand an international reference.

Currently, Mr. Pedro Hermosilla Molero is the president of the AGEM Group and belongs to the Board of Directors of several companies of the AGEM Group. He is a professional with extensive experience in international team management, innovation and organizational transformation.

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